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I'm a husband and father who to spend time with his family. Since starting a hobby in 2005, it grew into a proper second job in which I, together with my wife, mainly shoot weddings and newborns. Regarding my regular day job, you could say I'm very loyal as I have been working at Crocs™ since 2007, which happens to be my first employer. Furthermore I play basketball, like to play with my kids as well as cycle and skateboard (also with my kids) and watch a lot of TV shows. By the way... I also really going to the movies with my wife.

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During my time at the Marketing department of several brands, I have made several Look Books, Marketing Guides, Sales Guides, Trade Show Invitations, Direct Mailers, Adverts and many other print materials.
When I switched to the eCommerce department everything changed (CMYK RGB, InDesign Photoshop, milimeters pixels). During this time I made Email Newsletters, Brand Website Banners, Affiliate Banners, a Sales Meeting website (Wordpress) and more.
Besides this, I made it my job to uphold the Brand Guidelines and Style Guide throughout the eCommerce and Marketing departments.

Here's a short visual summary of (part of) my work from the past few years.
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An image says more than a thousand words, right?
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I work with a lot of programs on a daily basis.
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